Arvind Satyanarayan
Hi, I'm Arvind Satyanarayan.

I'm Chief Architect at Apropose, Inc., and a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Stanford. I work with Jeff Heer and the Interactive Data Lab at the University of Washington. My research broadly covers visualization & web design tools, and multi-user multi-surface interactions.

I graduated from UC San Diego where I worked with Jim Hollan to explore interactions with wall-sized displays. During my time at at UCSD's Revelle College, I helped establish an internship program and served as a Senator, a Resident Advisor, and an Orientation Leader.

A long time ago, I developed plugins and wrote tutorials for Movable Type, and helped fork Melody.

Papers and Notes

Webzeitgeist Pipeline

Webzeitgeist: Design Mining the Web

Advances in data mining and knowledge discovery have transformed the way Web sites are designed. However, while visual presentation is an intrinsic part of the Web, traditional data mining techniques ignore render-time page structures and their attributes. This paper introduces design mining for the Web: using knowledge discovery techniques to understand design demographics, automate design curation, and support data-driven design tools. This idea is manifest in Webzeitgeist, a platform for large-scale design mining comprising a repository of over 100,000 Web pages and 100 million design elements. This paper describes the principles driving design mining, the implementation of the Webzeitgeist architecture, and the new class of data-driven design applications it enables.

Multiple overlays controlled via a touchscreen

Using Overlays to Support Collaborative Interaction with Display Walls

Large-scale display walls, and the high-resolution visualizations they support, promise to become ubiquitous. Natural interaction with them, especially in collaborative environments, is increasingly important and yet remains an on-going challenge. Part of the problem is a resolution mismatch between low-resolution input devices and high-resolution display walls. In addition, enabling concurrent use by multiple users is difficult. In this paper, we present an overlay interface element superimposed on wall-display applications to help constrain interaction, focus attention on subsections of a display wall, and facilitate collaborative multi-user workflow.

Posters, Demos, and Technical Reports

The CHI 2013 Interactive Schedule

CHI iSchedule Interface

CHI 2013 features 30-second "Video Preview" summaries for each of 500+ separate events. The Interactive Schedule uses large display screens and mobile applications to help attendees navigate this wealth of video preview in order to identify events they would like to attend.

Learning Structural Semantics for the Web

Webzeitgeist Components

Researchers have long envisioned a Semantic Web, where unstructured Web content is replaced by documents with rich semantic annotations. This paper introduces a method for automatically "semantifying" structural page elements: using machine learning to train classifiers that can be applied post-hoc.

A Platform for Large Scale Machine Learning on Web Design

Webzeitgeist Components

We present a platform for large-scale machine learning on Web designs, which consists of a Web crawler and proxy server to store a lossless and immutable snapshot of the Web; a page segmenter that codifes a page's visual layout; and crowdsourced metadata which augments segmentations.


Gmail Extra-Wide Widescreen View »

A GreaseMonkey script that hides the right-hand message sidebar in Gmail for an extra-wide widescreen view.

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Custom Fields »

Movable Type plugin to create fields to store additional metadata with each blog entry. This plugin was acquired by Six Apart and bundled as part of Movable Type Pro.

Gmail Date Quicksearch »

A GreaseMonkey script that adds links to Gmail's sidebar for quick filtering on date ranges (e.g. "Today", "Yesterday", "This Week", "Last Week" etc.).

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Privacy »

Movable Type plugin to protect blog entries with a password or via 3rd party authentication (e.g. OpenID).

No longer actively maintained.

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More Movable Type plugins can be found here.

To fork them, or other code I've written, check out my github account.